Arthritis Introspective

The Mission of Arthritis Introspective is to better the lives of those living with arthritis in the prime of life, through wellness education and local support systems.

*Approximately 50 million American adults have some form of arthritis.

*8.5 million (7.6 percent) Americans ages 18-44 have some form of arthritis.

*Nearly 300,000 children have arthritis. These children grow up.

Arthritis Introspective (AI) was created for an often overlooked population, those of us living with arthritis and/or  related autoimmune diseases during the prime of life. Most of us, diagnosed with arthritis in childhood and young adulthood, have heard, “Oh, you’re too young to have arthritis,” or worse, “But you don’t look sick.”

Now in “the prime of life,” we work to balance the demands of college, relationships, careers and parenthood with the realities of life and a disabling chronic illness. This balancing act can be very lonely without the support and understanding of someone else who’s been there.

What We Do

*Local AI Support Systems (AISS).
Bringing together those living with
arthritis in their own community.
Local Support Systems hold educational and social events, serving as a source of
support and friendship for those living with the disease.

*The National Gathering
Our annual conference brings together AI members (and loved ones) from across the country for a weekend of education, empowerment and relationship building; featuring health/wellness experts, motivational speakers, and significant other programs, along with plenty of time to socialize. The 2012 AI National Gathering will be held in Houston, TX in March 2012.

Our national website. THE place for information on where to find a local AISS, local AI events, national news and initiatives, inspirational stories, member blogs, informative links, the AI Gathering newsletter and much more.