A Little Intro

Since I was a young girl I’ve had an extremely vivid imagination (ask anyone who grew up with me). Through the years, I have sometimes put that imaginary world into words on a page. Other times, I have just let it run away with me, sometimes getting me into trouble, other times well…that remains to be seen. But my love for words has never lessened and like most aspiring writers I have continuously struggled with chasing the muse.
So what about me? I am a sister, auntie and friend. I am a fundraising, event-planning, volunteer and advocate. I am a public speaker, philosopher, life traveler, a dreamer, and a terminal optimist who likes to write poems (again, when the Muse finds me). I have an English degree, have won awards for excellence in fundraising and try to always stand up for what I believe in, while doing my best to listen (if not understand) the other side of things.
Being diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) at the age of 7 has also shaped who and what I am. Growing up with a disabling chronic illness has given me many things (along with taking some) and I believe because of this disease I have been given the opportunity to experience the best (and worst) in people, as well as myself.
So this blog has no specific direction. Depending on the day, it may be about politics, philosophy, people, pain, pills or poetry. It is also about my quest to make the best and most sense out of this life I’ve been given and maybe entertain and engage others along the way. 

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